A mole becomes a tumour which turns cancerous;

A bridge collapses, hundreds die, one political party calls the other treacherous.

A finger bleeds while chopping vegetables and blood soaks the tissues;

 A marriage ends on basis of irreconcilable issues.

A boy drops out of college after three consecutive years of failure;

A family of 3 dies an instant death when a truck crashes into their trailer.

Do you know the reason behind them all?


Do you know what negligence equates to?

Blaming the creator.

How can you blame the creator when you neglected the growing mole, unheeded repeated advices of the doctor to get it checked out?

How can you blame the creator if it were we humans who used less bricks and cement while constructing the bridge and used more of the sanctioned money to warm our pockets?

How can you blame the creator if you had your eyes glued to the climax scene on the television with vegetables in one hand and a knife in another?

How can you blame the creator if neither of you had the slightest responsibility protecting the integrity of the spoken vows?

How can you blame the creator if it were you who had started smoking cigarettes and enjoying bad company instead spending at least a few hours studying?

How can you blame the creator if the drunk driver failed to notice the trailer coming at it from the wrong direction?

It was negligence, pure and simple negligence on our part.

And since we always need to blame someone for our mistakes, we chose Him.

‘What is meant to happen, will.’, without any speck of doubt.

Somewhere deep buried in that ‘meant’ lies a web of negligent behaviours.

Maybe the situation cannot be avoided. But our faults leading to that situation, can.

Because our fault lies in our negligence not in our destiny.